Twin Tank

Twin Tank

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Sumtasa Delight slush machine 2x12Ltr (Collection Discount Offer £100 ) New

Sumtasa Delight slush machine 2x12Ltr (Collection Discount Offer £100 )

Sumtasa Delight  Ice Slush Twin Fruit Juice Dispenser, 12 + 12 L, Inox - Black12 L. + 12 L. slu..


SUMTASA Kreamline Slush Machine 2x6 ltr

The new slush machine Kream Line, the same quality and performances of the Oasis line, in a more com..


Skyline FABY Cabspa Slush Machine 2x10 ltr

The models of the NEW FABY series have been designed to work as slush machines, sherbet machines and..


FABY Cabspa Slush Machine 2x6 ltr

The FABY machine takes from the FABY range features like the experience and solidity and it takes fr..


SPM Sorby Slush Machine 2x10 ltr

SORBET MACHINE MOD. SORBY DREAM - This highly professional sorbet machine makes delicious sorbets in..


SPM Frosty Slush Machine 2x12 ltr

SLUSH MACHINES MOD. FROSTY DREAM - Frosty Dream is a high performance slush machine with a young and..


GBG Spin Fast Freeze Slush Machine 2x12 ltr

SPIN FAST FREEZE 12x 2Ltr bowl slush machineMain features:• Handle (Push&Pull) easy to use, easy..


GBG Spin Slush Machine 2x12 ltr

Main features:• Handle (Push&Pull) easy to use, easy to assemble and disassemble.• High producti..


IPRO2 Meccanica Slush Machine 2X11 ltr

This innovative, state of the art, technological machine combines high performance with eco-frendly..


GBG Granismart Slush Machine 2x5 ltr



GBG Granicream Slush Machine 2x10 ltr

Main features:• Production capacity each bowl (10 lt.).• Air cooling system.• Extremely compact size..


UGOLINI Mini Slush Machine 2x6 ltr

The smallest granita / frozen drink dispenser in the world; with patented magnetic-drive. Built to ..


UGOLINI MT2 Slush Machine 2x10 ltr

Counter top slush dispensers, suitable to dispense 'granita' and other frozen drinks . The most inn..


BRAS Taylor Atlas Slush Machine 2x6 ltr

- 2 bowls   - hermatic compressor air-cooled condenser overload - 1 compressor&n..


UGOLINI Giant Slush Machine 2x15 ltr

Giant 2 is the distributor multi functional "Giant" designed to distribute large quantities of ..