Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.0 Definitions

1.1    Goods – Means all goods and services which the customer agrees to buy from Sumtasa including replacements for defective goods

1.2    Contract – Means the contract between Sumtasa and the customer for the sale of goods by Sumtasa to the customer.

1.3   Sumtasa – means Sumtasa Unit 3 b lancaster house montgomery street Birmingham B11 1DT

1.4    Customer – Means the company or individual trading as a company that purchases or agrees to purchase goods for use within their business. Please note that Sumtasa does not carry out any business with end users or private individuals, therefore all transactions either via the web site, by mail order or by telephone will be assumed to be carried out as a business to business contract.

1.5    Literature – Means any published promotional material produced by Sumtasa

1.6   "Back to base warranty" - Means it is the responsibility of the customer to return and pick up any items sent back to Sumtasa for repair. Any damage during transit of item via courier to Sumtasa is also responsibility of the customer. 

1.7    Web site – means www.Sumtasa.co.uk

1.7 Pre-orders- means orders for goods or services paid in advance with an estimated delivery date agreed in advance. Pre-orders will be treated as special or custom orders. 1.8 Special or custom orders- means goods or services provided by Us 4 Slush Limited as a “one off” (see 1.7) 


2.0 General

2.1 All orders for goods are accepted by Sumtasa subject to these conditions of sale.

2.2 All descriptions and illustrations contains in Literature or any price list or otherwise communicated to the customer are intended merely to present a general idea of the goods and nothing contained in any of them shall form any part of the contract

2.3 Any literature published by Sumtasa is an invitation to treat and not an offer to supply

2.4 Please check all goods and their prices


3.0 Prices

3.1 All prices for the goods are in pounds Sterling and exclude Value Added Tax (“VAT”) at the relevant rate ruling on the date of dispatch.

3.2 Whilst every endeavour will be made to maintain the prices in the literature Sumtasa reserves the right to alter prices at any time without prior notice.


4.0 Orders

4.1 Payment must be recieved before goods are dispatched for delivery or collected.

4.2 In the event of the customer cancelling an order Sumtasa reserves the right to charge the customer for any cost accrued up to the time of cancellation.

4.3 Sumtasa reserves the right not to trade with any person or organisation. In addition, and not withstanding any other provisions of these conditions of sale, Sumtasa may decline to accept the order, whether or not payment has been received, by giving notice of non-acceptance To the customer by e-mail, or telephone within 48 hours (excluding weekends or bank holidays) of receipt by Sumtasa of an order. In an event that Sumtasa declines to accept an order in respect of which payment has been received, the full amount of such payment will be refunded.

4.4 Sumtasa will not accept orders with end users or private individuals, therefore all transaction either via the web site, by mail order or by telephone will be assumed to be carried out under business to business terms.


5.0 Payments

5.1 Payment shall be made by the customer for all monies owed to Sumtasa in respect of orders for goods.

5.2 Payment shall be made on order and is acceptable by cash, cheque or all major credit and debit cards (Switch, MasterCard, Visa, Solo). Cheques and postal orders should be made to Sumtasa and crossed “payee only”.

5.3 We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. 


6.0 Delivery

6.1 Next day delivery in UK mainland, Monday to Thursday, is normally achieved provided order have been received by Sumtasa before 12 noon. Order received on a Friday will normally be dispatched on the following Monday. No guarantees of delivery time or day are made or implied. 90% delivery is next day if order before 12noon. Sumtasa is not responsible for unseen problems e.g courier mishap.

6.2 Deliveries are made by various carriers during their normal business hours. Unless otherwise stated this should be Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. It will be the customers’ responsibility to inform Sumtasa of failed or late deliveries if goods have not arrived when expected.

6.3 Sumtasa reserves the right to send orders to customers card registered address/paypal approved address even if it differs from the customers stated delivery address.

6.4 Our third party carries are not obliged to enter you premises or carry goods ip stairs or over uneven ground. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that persons taking delivery are able to move the goods from the delivery point. Where heavy items are to be delivery, including slush machines, delivery will be made on a pallet and a tail life will be used. In these instants delivery will be considered completed when pallet if off the tail lift.


7.0 Inspection, Transit Delays and Non-Delivery

7.1 The customer must inspect the goods as soon as reasonably practicable after delivery and shall within 7 working days of such dispatch give written notice to Sumtasa Customer Services of any defect in the goods or of any other complaint which the customer may wish to make about Sumtasa service.

7.2 Queries regarding shortages of goods must be made within 7 working days of dispatch date and must be accompanied by the dispatch note. Queries regarding goods invoiced but not delivered must be made to Sumtasa Customer Services within 7 days of the invoice date and the invoice number must be quoted.

7.3 If the customer fails to give such notice, the goods shall be conclusively presumed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract and free from any defect which would be apparent on reasonable examination, and the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods accordingly.

7.4 Should the customer decide to accept a delivery to them in a damaged condition they must endorse the carrier’s delivery documentation.

7.5 In no circumstances shall Sumtasa be liable to compensate the customer by way of damages or otherwise for non-delivery or late delivery of the goods or any loss consequently or otherwise arising from non-delivery or late delivery.


8.0 Returns and faulty goods

8.1 Sumtasa will not accept returns unless prior authorization has been approved and a returns number issued. To obtain authorization for return please contact Customer Services on 07878450531. The return number must be clearly identified on the dispatch note when the goods are returned. Sumtasa reserves the right not to accept returns unless reasonable grounds for rejecting the goods are provided.

8.2 Goods must be returned to Sumtasa in their original condition, along with the relevant dispatch note and returns number in order for the customer to be eligible for any refund. The customer must bear all the costs of returning any goods to Sumtasa.

8.3 7 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE from the time the product is received less shipping and handling. No returns after 7 days. No missing/damaged/other problems regarding items claims may be made after 24 hours of receiving your shipment.

8.4 Refunds will be made within 7 days minus shipping/delivery cost per box both ways. Minimum of £28.99 per box or £120.00 per pallet.

8.5 In the event that faulty goods have been supplied Sumtasa reserves the right to repair or replace the goods at our discretion.

8.6 International customers are not covered for leakage of products during delivery as courier companies do not cover leaking liquid.

8.7 Any returns will be charged 10% administration charges of the total value of the products.

8.8 In the event that Machine needs to be returned it will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the machine is packed correctly and securely and have adequate insurance cover during transit.


9.0 General Descriptive Matter

9.1 Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure accuracy, all specifications, illustrations or other details contained in the literature or any price list of advertising material or otherwise communicated to the customer are intended merely to present a general idea of the product and nothing contained in any of them shall form part of the contract.

9.2 Sumtasa reserves the right without prior notice to discontinue any goods or to make changes as part of a continuous program of improvement.


10.0 Product Performance

10.1 The responsibility for ensuring that goods are sufficient and suitable for the customer’s requirements is that of the customer save in so far as Sumtasa has specifically advised the customer in writing on Sumtasa headed documentation that the goods are sufficient and suitable for the customer’s purposes having been fully and accurately advised by the customer of their requirements.


11.0 Copyright

11.1 Sumtasa owns full copyright in respect of any literature whether published in paper of electronic form such as CD-ROM or through the internet.


12.0 Limitation of Liability

12.1 The customer will be responsible for ensuring the fitness for purpose of the goods for the customer’s application.

12.2 Sumtasa accepts no liability whatsoever or howsoever arising in respect of loss, damage or expense arising from errors in information or advice provided whether or not due to Sumtasa negligence or that of its employees, agents or subcontractors.

12.3 Sumtasa shall not be liable to the customer for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation whatsoever (whether caused by the negligence of Sumtasa, its employees or agents or otherwise) which arise out of or in connection with the supply of the goods or their use or resale by the customer.

12.4 The entire liability of Sumtasa under or in connection with the contract with the customer shall not exceed the price of the goods.


13.0 Force Majeure

13.1 Sumtasa shall not be liable to the customer or deemed to be in breach of contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of Sumtasa obligations in relation to goods, provided that the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond Sumtasa reasonable control.



14.1 If a cheque bounces the first time the customer will be charged £35.00 and if the cheque bounces the second time the customer will be charged £45.00

14.2 Delayed payment will be charged £50.00 per week administration charges and the withheld amount will be charged 39% interest per annual.

14.3 Till the payment of the product is not complete the products will be property of Sumtasa.

14.4 If the payment of the product is stopped by the customer, Sumtasa reserves the right to take back the product.

14.5 As part of our service guarantee, should any repair to this freezer be necessary within the first 7 days, then a further 7 day “return to base” warranty will be added to the unit following a repair. After the 7 day “return to base” warranty has expired then the 2nd part of our service agreement will automatically start.

14.6 All major refrigeration components, including compressor, condenser and evaporators will be considered to be under warranty for 12 months following the date of purchase. If the freezer fails at any time during the first 12 months following purchase, then you can contact and return the item back to base for diagnosis and repairing of the fault which can take upto 7-30 days

14.7 Upon diagnosis of the problem, should it turn out to be a refrigeration fault, but something linked to a maintenance issue, (but not limited to), a switch, motor, motor gear, shaft, seal, tap, spring, or other perishable part, we will explain exactly what is wrong and quote a fee for repairing and if necessary replacing a particular part. Any queries relating to this should be directed to sales@Sumtasa.co.uk


15.0 Warranty

15.1 The customer must only ever use Sumtasa/Babbi products in their machine. The quality of other products varies greatly and will either damage the sensitive machine on first use or will cause undue wear to the moving parts greatly reducing the life of them. 

15.2 The warranty will only be in place if the machine(s) have not failed due to misuse including over/under dilution of the any concentrate (slush, icecream etc)  (remember the mix is critical to the consistency of the product and therefore the correct running of the machine) 

15.3 Spilt liquid on electrical parts of the machine are not covered by the warranty.

15.4 Gas & moving parts are not covered in the warranty. 

15.5 Machine must be bought back to base in order to be checked & repaired under the warranty and will be returned to the customer in up 7-30days

15.6 12 month back to base warranty for slush machines (only valid if Sumtasa slush used), icecream machines (only valid if Babbi products used) theater popcorn machines, paragon candy floss machines, cofrimell drink dispensers & paragon hot dog steamers purchased at website price. 

15.7 In the event that the Machine needs to be returned under the terms of the Warranty the shipping cost will be borne by the customer/owner. 

15.8 In the event that the Machine has arrived with fault the only course of action will be repair or replace at the discretion of Sumtasa. In this instance Sumtasa must be informed of the fault within five working days of the delivery and we will take care of the shipping fees and arrangements for the machine to be collected, repaired and returned within 7 working days.

15.9 The Machine is not to be repaired by any party other than Sumtasa, its agents or persons authorised by Sumtasa.

15.10 The model and serial number and serial number must not be defaced or removed from the Machine.

15.11 The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

15.12 The Warranty is void if the owner or user neglects to do routine cleaning and maintenance as outlined in the user manual.

15.13 The Warranty is void if the product used is not a product either supplied by or approved by Sumtasa

15.14 The Warranty is void is the product is used in any way other than directed by the manufacture

15.15 The Warranty is void if the electric power used to power the machine is anything other than mains electricity supplied through UK national grid.

15.16 The Warranty is void if the Machine is continued to be used when there is a known fault.

15.17 The Warranty does not cover aesthetic components or any plastic or electronic parts that present degect due to incorrect handling, modification, and/or servicing or repair by unqualified personnel.

15.18 The Warranty does not cover defects due to inadequate transportation or shipping.

15.20 Within 5 working days of delivery the Machine must be unpacked, examine and fully tested with product for a minimum of 3 hours. Faults must be reported immediately.

15.21 Repaired machines must be collected by the customer with 24 hours after they are ready; late charge: £5.00 per day. The machine must be collected within 30 days or will be disposed with £50 disposal charge.

15.23 The machine parts listed below are not covered by this Warranty:

Plastic parts including tanks, mixing auger, lids, dispensing handles and assemblies including rubber seals, drip trays, light bulbs, supporting feet, aesthetic components or any plastic or electronic parts that present defects due to incorrect handling, modification, and/or servicing or repair by unqualified personnel.

15.24 Sumtasa popcorn machines, Sumtasa candy floss machines and Sumtasa juicers all come with a 3 months warranty only.